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Have you ever looked at a painting and felt like you could feel the pet in the room with you? thought you could feel the fur? I put my soul into every painting. (animal, or flower) I urge you  call  and talk it over. I am certain you'll be glad you did!

The following  quote is the way I feel with animals too. I feel like I am painting (or dressing) their soul. They are beautiful all the way through.

"The human face is an outward and visible expression of the soul.
It was shaped by its spirit. The painting must reverse the process
and by constructing a face, give expression to a spirit."
Leonardo da Vinci


Click on paintings to enlarge.

"You Lookin at Me"?
16 x 20


reclining Pug        18 x 24


Scotty                18 x 24



"Waiting to Play"  16 x 20


Shepard mix 30 x 30


16 x 20Amber



Key Benefits

  • Original Oil Paintings

  • Quality work

  • Can be shipped anywhere in the US


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