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See below for teachers Roy Gould, Rafael maniago, Roderick Smith and Ruth Read


Frank Yang

Frank Yang has enjoyed drawing and painting all his life. During his teens he had the good fortune to study with several fine artists. However, art did not seem to be the best career choice at that time, so he abandoned his love for art and attended Cal State Los Angeles where he ultimately received a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science. His college education resulted in his working in various industries including work place risk management for an insurance company.

Frank’s passion for drawing and painting never ceased and when he was presented with an opportunity to work as a portrait and caricature artist at Disneyland Theme Park arose, he jumped at the chance. This work for Walt Disney Productions paved the way for focusing on his artistic talent.

Frank’s unique approach to oil painting has resulted in increasing sales of his paintings, and has made him a consistent award winner at art shows, and a popular demonstrator for art clubs. All of which has led to commissions for a variety of subject matter, including portraits and family pets.

His affiliations include The American Society of Portrait Artist and San Gabriel Fine Arts Association. A popular artist at all events, Frank is a favorite at fine art shows all over the Southern California area.


Class Schedule 


Natalie, professional dancer for six years, trained by world renowned coaches and choreographers, has been known on the West Coast for her technique and performance skills. You might have seen her performances in National Dance Congresses. During her busy schedule as a performer and coach, she enjoys and makes time for her students to become the best dancer they can be.

Class Schedule


 Sylvia Escobar

Zumba Instructor

I have been teaching group exercise since 1991. I teach many different formats that I have enjoyed teaching all these years but, Zumba is the format that has really lifted my motivation for teaching again. I am very happy to be able to make a difference when I teach Zumba because the members have fun, get fit, loose pounds and learn a few dancing moves every time. Come and have the time of your life!!




Yali Liu

The International Art Education Center is a non-profit organization. Its establishment is for cultural exchange between the United States and China and for enhancing friendship and understanding between the peoples of these two countries.

The founder and current president, Yali Liu, was a well-known professional dancer by receiving the first award in a nation wide professional dancing competition in 1980 and other awards during 1980s. She was also a famous sport acrobatics coach for the team representing Sichuan province between 1984 and 1992. Her pupils were selected to represent China and won many gold medals in many international sport acrobatic competitions.

Ms. Yali Liu received her BS degree from Sichuan Sport Technology College in Chendu, Sichuan. She was a visiting scholar in German from 1992-1995. She immigrated to the United States in 1995. Currently, she dedicates herself to cultural exchange through introducing the masterpieces of Chinese culture such as acrobatics and Chinese dance to the community.

 19869 Calle Granada, Walnut, Ca 91789              Tel/Fax: (909) 598-3218  Mobile: (909) 618-5092

Class Schedule

Arden Ebalo 

Arden has always been entranced in the musical arts ever since childhood.  He
loved to entertain through singing, dancing, or acting in the theatre back in
his birthplace in Subic Bay, Philippines.  He focused on Salsa dancing when
he took ballroom dancing classes.  With the guidance of Lana Osa, who he
looks up to as her mentor, he pursued Salsa with more vigor that he is now a
salsa dance instructor.  Although fairly new in the salsa teaching world, he
already has won "Best Teacher Award" and voted "Favorite Teacher" at the 2008
Star Ballroom Showcase where he taught for two years. 

 He is definitely full of energy and you will never get bored with his classes. His goal is to put a smile on every students' face and gain that confidence to be able to dance in public or performance.

He is currently teaching Salsa at Lai Lai Dance Studio, The Alhambra, Quest Learning Center and at Milly Frank Arts Studio.  He is also the director of Quest Salsa Crew and looking for dancers who would like to join the team.


Class Schedule 

Roy Ernest Gould

Roy began making beautiful landscape paintings from his slides and photographs taken while back packing and mountain climbing in the High Sierras.

Roy enjoys painting outdoors and teaches and demonstrates around the country.

Roy belongs to the Southern California Plein Air Painters Association (SOCALPAPA), in San Gabriel Fine Arts Assn., T.E.A.M. A national group of art instructors, is a certified Master instructor certified by Alexander Art and is a teaching partner with Chartpak, makers of Grumbacher paints and brushes.

Roy will be demonstrating Landscaping in Grumbacher  Max Oils  (water soluble oil paints)

Roy's web site is: www.roysart.com

Workshops are forming. Call or email to sign up:

Milly Frank Arts Studio                                
120 E. Live Oak Ave.
Arcadia, Ca 91006
Tel: (626) 348-2008
Cell: (626) 673-0697



Roderick Smith



Roderick Smith will be discussing his 2 day upcoming
workshop event.  In house lecture and trip to paint plein air at a
local place.




Roderick views painting as a type of performance art – the energy of its creation is found in the determination of every painted stroke.

"Sometimes you lead the brush, other times it leads you," he said. "This is a constant dynamic ... To continue reading...http://web.me.com/roderickvlsmith/Site/Biography.html


Rafael Maniago 


Rafael Maniago  discussing his class on painting portraits.


He has painted over 1000 portraits, many of which were of the Philippine leaders of commerce, industry and politics. For years he has been conducting workshops throughout California. He is a patient man with a keen eye for perfection and color. His elegant style can be seen in his works of art and the way his students follow his directions. There is a feeling of passion, and intense dedication in the vivid colors of his paintings. True to his style, he captures the inner life and physical likeness of the characters he portraits. True to his love of paintings, he continues to teach and paint outdoors day after day.

To read more...www.rafaelmaniago.com 



Christine and her 2 dogs

Christine Hogan Will be demonstrating floral paintings

In addition to her national claim, Chris has received recognition from foreign galleries. She has also exhibited at the Sen Memorial Gallery in Taiwan, and at the Shanghai Art Museum in Shanghai, China.

She has owned an Art Gallery and has been teaching art for many years. She now teaches art classes in her studio where she lives in Lakewood.

Christine Hogan Will be demonstrating floral paintings...

She will be using Grumbacher  Max Oils (water soluble oil paints.)

3 primary colors plus white.

Workshops are forming. Call or email to sign up:

Milly Frank Arts Studio                                
120 E. Live Oak Ave.
Arcadia, Ca 91006
Tel: (626) 348-2008
Cell: (626) 673-0697



Ruth Read                      

 Ruth Read is an artist and writer who has been a member of San Gabriel Fine Arts Association since 2001. She has also been co-show chairman sharing the Duties with Chris Hogan. She loves being surrounded by beautiful art and creativity.

Ruth has written several children's books.  Sunflower and the Swan  is available on line at: http://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=978-1-61663-519-0. The official release date of your book is October  12, 2010, Then It can be ordered through any major book stores and on Amazon

Her other books have been written in English, Chinese, Slovenian, and Spanish in combination with English to help young children learn another language as they read and color.

Ruth also enjoys writing articles for various web sites:  http://www.arted4life.com/power-of-art/power-of-art-story-by-ruth-read  and


Ruth also sells prints at:    http://arts-boutique.com/


Children's art class photos


about the class:

                              Children's draw and paint class With Ruth

If you are interested in a children's art class I  have a class where children are free to paint or draw what they feel and experience. 

 please call Ruth at:

626-203-3114  Class Schedule


Check out these books at: http://www.ruthsartgallery.com/children's_books.htm

Signed books will be available at the work shop. call 626-203-3114 to reserve your book

See samples of pages colored by children and adults: http://www.ruthsartgallery.com/colorings_from_books.htm  

My new book Sunflower and the Swan is available on the Book Publishers web site as a presale item. Following is the link:  http://www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=978-1-61663-519-0

Milly Frank studio of the Arts looks forward to hearing from you.




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