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 Out of a life devoted to the care and grooming of pets has been born the inspiration to capture their unique personalities on canvas.



Ruth Read

(photo 2009)


About the artist:

I grew up in Oregon with lots of animals, moved to California and got married in 1971. I soon found myself involved in a grooming shop and liked working with dogs so much I bought the place.

People would ask me if I knew anyone who would do paintings of their pets. I finally decided to take some art lessons in 1999. I studied at a local Art school in Arcadia. It wasn't long before I was doing pencil drawings for some of my clients.

After a year I studied Oil painting at a small school in Sierra Madre. And read lots of how to books on wild life and animals.   I applied that knowledge to my paintings and came up with my own style.

I do pet portraits because I love pets and seeing their personalities come to life on a canvas is so exciting! I have a special interest in pets because before I ever thought of painting them I got to know them so well in my grooming business. I understand the pet owners point of view that their pet is a unique individual and a special, irreplaceable part of their lives.

I became a member of San Gabriel Fine art Association in 2001.  And Since the year of 2004 I have been co-show chairman sharing the Duties with Chris Hogan. I love being surrounded by all that beautiful art.

In 2006 I became a member of:

the American International Culture & Art Association.

Lakewood Artist Guild.

Corona Art Assoc.

Some of my paintings are now or have been on display at:

Lake wood Art shows  Located in city of Lakewood

Corona Art shows  Located in city of Corona

San Gabriel Fine Art Association Located in San Gabriel CA

San Gabriel valley Medical Hospital Located in San Gabriel CA

My Flower Guy located in Arcadia CA

Iris Intrigue Boutique  Located in Sierra Madre CA

Restaurant Lozano Located in Sierra Madre

Mid Valley Art League Located in Pasadena

http://evolutionezine.com/ruth-read/ Has posted an Artist profile. Please go there and leave a comment.

I now sell cards in Hawaii on the island of Kauai in 'Gallery West' in waimea

Update 2008: I resigned from the board at San Gabriel Fine arts due to the fact that I want to travel and spend more time in Hawaii where I have a small house (studio) in waimea. I am still a member of San Gabriel Fine Arts Association.

Milly/Frank Arts studio in arcadia - I also teach  Children's Art Classes  there.



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