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If you have ever thought of having a portrait painted of one of your best friends (animal, or flower) I urge you  call  and talk it over. I am certain you'll be glad you did!


I am proud of my portraits, and I put a lot of love and emotion into each of them. One of my clients says it better than I can:

Hoover and I found each other at a dog show about four years ago. He had just been retired from the show ring. Need I say it was instant love? We have lived together from then on.

Ruth's portrait of Hoover not only captures the very essence of my Hoover, it portrays so well the soulful and loyal expression so typical of the English Springer Spaniel.

Hoover is almost nine years old now, I know some day we will no longer be able to be together in this life. This painting of Hoover, however, means I will have him near me forever. 

 Michaelyn Fidone




wpe1.jpg (9494 bytes)

This is Sancho. I  have known him since he was 12 weeks old. When he died  I found painting him was very therapeutic for me. We miss his lovable self - all 75 pounds.






I have done so many commissioned portraits that I can not show all of them here. Look for a few more on my More paintings page

Pet Portraits can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Custom sizes can be discussed.

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