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I have always said I was going to write children's books. I have had one bouncing around in my head for years. Well, I met a person that had written a book but was stuck as to how to finish it. I laugh. I didn't know how to start, and he didn't know how to finish. Well, we decided to help each other and now we have a lot of children's books. I have my books copyrighted and I am in the process of getting them published. As soon as I do...I will post them.


The first one is about a baby whale and is now ready To order the following books, call: 626-203-3114 or email: ruth@ruthsartgallery.com

   Pukaluka the baby whale





鯨魚寶貝-----噗卡崙     作者:Ruth Read


鯨魚寶貝-----噗卡崙     作者:Ruth Read

this is an e-book story with pictures to color. Read the review.

This book is available in the following languages: 





Amakpus the octopus  will be out in a few months. This is another chapter of Pukaluka the baby whale. Also a coloring book and will be Illustrated by:

Janice Blaine

To order please email Ruth@ruthsartgallery.com or call 626-203-3114

Please include the following:

Your Name

phone number

mailing address


Then I have a collection of books about a little girl named Sunflower:


 Sunflower * 3 years old       

Since Sunflower has come into this world she has inspired everyone with her love of life and HUGE, did I mention HUGE imagination! She seems to have that wonderful connection with the universe. She is a joy and inspiration to everyone that comes into contact with her.

Sunflower is obsessed with Hawaii and travel in general. She can pack her own suitcase. She knows the difference in Disneyland and Disneyworld. She loves to dress up and pretend. Music and dance rules her life. At 2 ˝ she was in her first ballet recital. Sunflower Rocks! And, oh yes…she knows how to meditate.

Sunflower and the swan (will be published by Tate Publishing co.) Available in Winter 2010.

As soon as it becomes available I will post it

See samples of pages colored go to colorings from books

These books are here to help children learn about life lessons from nature and I hope that you will enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.



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